An RSVP Application in Ruby on Rails

March 9th, 2007 by

I wrote an RSVP program for our wedding in Ruby on Rails. It includes live search and editing using AJAX which was ridiculously easy with Rails. It also has a shadow table to which all changes are written in case one of your guests gets all drunk and uppity while signing up. Here is the source code, including the pretty graphics. Feel free to use it for anything and let me know if you find it useful.


The database schema is included. You can import it with:

mysql -u username dbname < schema.mysql

RSVP rails code and schema

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  1. William Jimenez Says:

    Very cool app…I am trying to do the same for my wedding and as I am a systems admin by trade, ROR has a bit of a learning curve. What version of Rails and RubyGems was this app written for?

  2. jcdoll Says:

    We developed it around July 2006, so it was probably Rails v1.0. Not sure about the Gems version off hand. So it's a bit dated but you could try running it on Rails 1.0 and see if it works or try to get it running on a more recent version with some (hopefully) minor modifications. Good luck!

    – joey

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