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I’m famous!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Not really... but I did get to write a Google blog post. Can you tell which parts were rewritten by legal and pr?

Bread Makers

Monday, November 12th, 2007

After being inspired by an article on homemade bread from the Simple Dollar I decided to get out a wedding present of ours that we hadn't touched yet... the bread maker. Now when we first got this as a present I just thought it was amusing, I mean, who needs one? We either buy bread from the grocery store or occasionally make some pizza dough or something ourselves.

This weekend though I discovered just how wrong I was. All you have to do is dump all the ingredients into the thing and like magic you have some incredible bread. So for about 5 minutes of work you get bread that tastes like you have been working for 3 hours (which is how long it takes the little machine) It also claims to make pizza dough and supports any sort of mix-ins you want, nuts, raisins, etc. We haven't tried those yet but I'm sure they will be good.

The moral of the story: bread makers are actually pretty cool.
(Thank you for the gift)

This American Life

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

If you enjoy listening to This American Life on NPR and don't find their weekly free podcast enough, here's a little script to download all of their old episodes. It probably isn't condoned, but I figure that if I had listened to the show from the start and taped them off of the radio they wouldn't have minded, so trying to charge listeners to dip into past shows seems pretty arbitrary. I'd rather just donate to NPR as a whole. I adapted some code from here so that it works on any system with python installed . Here are step-by-step instructions for MacOSX/Linux/whatever:

  1. Copy and paste the code below into a file called ''''''. Save it in your home directory.
  2. Start up the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/, type '''python''' and hit enter.
  3. All of the shows (up to #342) will be downloaded to your home folder. Shows #5 and #8 don't seem to exist.
#!/usr/bin/env python
from urllib import urlretrieve
import urllib2
for i in range(1,5) + range(6,8) + range(9,389):
urllib2.urlopen("" % i)
urlretrieve("" % i, "%d.mp3" % i)
print "Succesfully downloaded %d.mp3" % i

Update (Sept 12, 2009): I verified that the script still works and it goes up to episode #389 now.