Bread Makers

November 12th, 2007 by

After being inspired by an article on homemade bread from the Simple Dollar I decided to get out a wedding present of ours that we hadn't touched yet... the bread maker. Now when we first got this as a present I just thought it was amusing, I mean, who needs one? We either buy bread from the grocery store or occasionally make some pizza dough or something ourselves.

This weekend though I discovered just how wrong I was. All you have to do is dump all the ingredients into the thing and like magic you have some incredible bread. So for about 5 minutes of work you get bread that tastes like you have been working for 3 hours (which is how long it takes the little machine) It also claims to make pizza dough and supports any sort of mix-ins you want, nuts, raisins, etc. We haven't tried those yet but I'm sure they will be good.

The moral of the story: bread makers are actually pretty cool.
(Thank you for the gift)

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  1. Jason K Says:

    I think the bread makers are just fine since they are just ovens shaped in a particular way. I have an issue with the bread-mix powders as they often contain ingredients that you do not find in a regular bread – i think this is the reason why I find such a bread to taste differently. Just my 2c. Cheers, JK

  2. SD-YD250 Says:

    Enjoy making fresh bread by yourself with bread maker.

  3. J Qint Says:

    I'm still very much a bread for breakfast person. I just picked up a Bread Maker.
    I'm thoroughly impressed with this machine. Baking your own bread is much healither.

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