Migrating to Flickr

April 27th, 2008 by

I've used Gallery2 for a few years to share my photos online. However uploading files is tedious, it takes time to keep it running smoothly and I've been having some issues with it lately*. I figured that 25 bucks a year isn't bad, so I decided to switch to flickr. The only downside I saw was reuploading about 7 years worth of photos. Luckily I stumbled across gallery2flickr which runs as a Gallery module and is ridiculously awesome, uploading your photos to flickr at what seems like 1MBps. It probably saved me about 15 hours of mindless work (and now I can go pull a Sherlock). It can also suck photos in from flickr so if Microsoft ends up consuming Yahoo and making flickr suck then there's always an emergency exit.

* More than you wanted to know: URL rewrite would randomly disable itself and break pretty links, possible related to using wp-cache, and generally has been having issues with WordPress 2.5. My only other complaints with Gallery have been the lack of good export plugins for photo apps and slow speeds on shared hosting, still highly recommended.

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