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GPS in the Bernese Oberland

Monday, June 9th, 2008

On our last weekend in Switzerland we visited Jungfraujoch and the Bernese Oberland, of course taking boatloads of photos along the way. On the way back down from Jungfraujoch we stopped in Grindelwald and hiked to a glacier, which took a few hours. Along the way we used GPS to keep track of our route (which was handy when we ended up at a few dead ends) and mark the locations of all of the photos.

The photos fromĀ Grindelwald andĀ Jungfraujoch are online and here are a few of the ones that I like.

Up the Hill
At the Top
A Wisp of a Cloud
Grindelwald, CH
Reaching for the Cliffs

Also, the weekend before the Jungfraujoch/Grindelwald trip we visited Lucerne to see the transportation museum there. You should read about the Lion Monument that we saw there.

A Space Odyssey
Sad Lion
Wow, that was a lot of photos. There are only a few more sets that I need to put online before we're all tapped out for Switzerland, so enjoy.