Painted faces

March 9th, 2010 by

I don't wear makeup.

Actually, I haven't worn makeup for a while - I gave away everything I owned about 2 months ago - I just felt funny telling anyone, and then I felt funny for feeling funny about telling anyone. It reminds me of this article.

I haven't been wearing makeup during the day for at least 8 years, but now I no longer wear it to dress up either. I watched the movie America the Beautiful and it really made me realize that makeup is silly. All the women (and men) are just competing against each other, each trying to outdo the rest with more and more makeup. If I start wearing makeup in high school, then you will feel pressured to start in junior high. If I wear makeup on special occasions, then you'll need to start wearing it every day.

And then there is just the overall impression that you aren't pretty enough. No matter what. You must wear makeup in order to fit in. Everyone does it. Shouldn't we just appreciate people as they are?

I think you can be beautiful without putting anything on your face. and there are so many benefits - it feels nicer, you don't have to worry about it getting messed up, your skin stays cleaner, and you don't have to spend all this time and effort on something that isn't worth it.

Don't get me wrong - I'm still vain in many ways. I like to do my hair, and put on nice clothes. It will take time to get past the social pressure, but I just think everyone would be better off with less makeup in the world. And if the makeup succeeds... it's just going to get messed up anyway.

I know some people will never give up the stuff, but I've stopped, and it isn't due to lack of caring, lack of knowledge, or any other lack that I do not wear makeup. I've made a conscious decision.

  • Mary Doll

    Thank you for putting my exact feelings about make up and hair coloring into words.