How it started

March 15th, 2010 by

I never actually meant to work at Google. I was applying for grad school when I was handed this flyer on campus:

Big Brain

I was pretty cocky back then, so I took my resume and emailed it to requested address with a subject of "I think I have a big brain". (Little did I know that ATS - the candidate tracking system - is automated and does not care what the email said.) 2 phone screens later I was invited on campus, and still didn't care if I was offered a job because Mountain View was pretty far from Berkeley (ie Joey) and as most of you know, I don't drive.

The campus interview was amusing. Joey dropped me off very early in the morning and I actually went to the wrong building. (B42 instead of B40 - this was also back when we had much tighter security and I was questioned to death about why I was even there) I was sitting next to these other interviewees who were really old (ie not inexperienced new grads) and I felt out of place and slightly frightened. No one there knew what to do with me.

Then, magic happened. I was picked up by some recruiter and taken over to the new grads place, and it was wonderful! There were donuts and swag! Everybody was just milling around and talking! Smiling and friendly! I felt so much better. We each had 3 interviews and then it was off to lunch and a tour! This was all still just for fun until someone mentioned shuttles. Apparently a shuttle had just started from east bay to campus and I was suddenly much more interested in working.

The process at Google tends to take forever, and I actually cared now that there was a shuttle, so I was waiting on pins and needles. And - funnily enough, my hands and legs started feeling like pins and needles too! And I had to go back for my second neck surgery on April 1.

The timing of everything gets fuzzy in my last semester of senior year, but Google sent me an offer, and I thought it was pretty amazing to actually be offered real money. I took a while to accept and in the meantime they sent me a basket of flavored popcorn, and another bucket of candy. When I did accept they sent me an ipod - I almost swooned. I had so little money then that when my macbook hard drive died I actually booted off that ipod for a while.

I had the surgery, moved in with Joey, and started taking the shuttle every day to work. Almost 5 years later, I'm still there and it's all because of a funny flyer.

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