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Because I completed my 30 mile hike, I needed to come up with a new goal to accomplish.

It took some thinking, but I finally decided I wanted to do a triathlon. I knew I could run, and I could bike, but unfortunately, I couldn't swim at all. I mean, I wasn't going to drown, but .5 miles? (the sprint tri swimming length) was way beyond me.

But then I found masters swimming!
(ie swimming for old people)

This is actually the Healdsburg pool

We have a pool not too far away from us which is run by the Santa Clara Swim Club. They offer a masters program for swimmers of different levels.

Group 1 is people who used to swim in high school or something and might even compete in competitions. Group 2 is just a little bit below that, maybe people who aren't quite as good. And Group 3... well, that's for people like me. A bunch of people who can't swim, training in the 3 ft deep kiddie pool.

I started off not knowing any of the 4 main strokes and I could barely swim 25 yards. After only 2 weeks I'm up to a 100 and I can now swim every stroke (except for butterfly is still pretty difficult). I look pretty funny in my swim mask and cap, but I can swim!

Anyway, hopefully I'll keep increasing my distance so that I can do a test triathlon out of Joey's mom's pool over thanksgiving. If that goes well then next will be braving a freezing cold lake.

I've got 3 others ready do a triathlon, so it's definitely going to be a party. Ping me if you want to join in! (or if you know of a good first tri to try)

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