Rough Skinned Newt

December 5th, 2010 by

We came across a newt while hiking a few months ago. It happens surprisingly infrequently so I took a picture to identify it later. When we got home, I realized that it was a rough skinned newt, which was especially cool because one of my 'sense of touch' collaborators at Stanford studied the newts in her graduate work and we'd talked about them a few times. In her graduate work, she researched a tetrodoxin arms race between the rough skinned newt and garter snake. Here's a newspaper article that nicely summarizes it. What it all boils down to is that if you come across a brown newt around the Bay Area, don't lick it. Here are some more photos and videos.

Rough skinned newt

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  1. Cedarbear Says:

    Interesting how different they all look, but I guess they adapt coloring as a self protective measure. i have seen them on the Hood Mtn trail where we hiked a few years ago after our Thanksgiving meal. I remember finding them in the creeks that I prowled when i was a kid.

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