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Movies made before their time

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

I saw The Hobbit last weekend and thought that it compared very favorably with the 1977 cartoon version that is so near and dear to my heart. Along those lines, two surprising things:

1) An animated/rotoscoped version of the Lord of the Rings was made in 1978.
2) Somebody uploaded the entire thing to YouTube and redubbed it MST3K- style.

Ready for Geotagging

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I started using an unlocked HTC G1 (the Google phone) a few weeks ago and think that I'm going to keep on using it instead of my iPhone 3G. Amongst many other nice things, it has satisfied my need for a good GPS device for geotagging photos. Between the ability to run applications continuously in the background and a removable battery (that goes for eight buck on eBay), it can handle running for a week straight and replace my standalone GPS for hiking and backpacking trips. The nice integration with EveryTrail (here's a track from walking back to the car today) is also a plus.

Learning New Things

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Here are two interesting things I found out recently.

  1. Yellow cheddar cheese is artificially colored with Annatto. The original reason for coloring it have been long forgotten, but how weird would cheese whiz look if it was white? Most importantly, there is no difference in flavor between yellow and white cheddar, although I could have sworn...
  2. You know the brightly colored ponds at the south end of the San Francisco Bay that you can see from the air? They are salt evaporation ponds which were purchased by the public from the Cargill Corporation in 2003 in order to convert them to wetlands. They're still being used to produce salt for industrial purposes but someday will no longer be bright red (the color is due to all of the brine shrimp and other little beasties living in the ponds).

Creative Commons License photo credit: kevin_kemmerer