Lately I’ve been trying to reduce our trash output. Just generally making switches from disposable to reusable. One of the things I decided to try was using handkerchiefs instead of kleenex. I’ve decided that I’m never going back.

The first thought I had was that handkerchiefs might be gross, or take too much time, or something like that. I don’t know anyone else who uses them. Instead though, they have saved me money (I used to go through a lot of kleenex) and they feel good!

There were two kinds two choose from, synthetic or cotton. I got some of both from Amazon to see which ones I liked best. The synthetic ones are really easy to fold and don’t wrinkle at all, so they look nicer in their box. The cotton ones crumple up, which I could probably fix with ironing, but I’m too lazy for that. The cotton ones are cotton though, so they are more natural (but I couldn’t find a good set of organic ones). Both sets were around a $1 per piece. It seems to be a mixed bag, so I like having some of both.

I pretty much use them just like I used paper tissues except when they are dirty I toss them on top of (or in) the washer instead of in the trash. Then, whenever I do a load of regular laundry they just get cleaned as well, so it hasn’t taken any extra effort nor cost to use them. And they haven’t been gross at all, especially when I just toss them inside of the washer itself. No touching of other people’s handkerchiefs is necessary.

My nose also likes them because they are softer and thicker than the paper version.

I still have one box of tissues in the closet that I can pull out for guests if necessary, but you should definitely try them in your own home. They aren’t just for old men anymore.