We moved in the beginning of August. I’ll post photos gradually over time.

One of the changes that we needed to make at the new house was where we store our bikes. I’m biking to work every day now and the new garage is detached from the house, so we decided to keep the bikes inside. But we have a lot of bikes - three full sized bikes plus my wife’s folding bike, which luckily fits in a closet. Initially I was just storing them in my office on the floor, but they were taking up half of the room. So I found a wall mounting solution on Amazon. In order to pack the three ~23” wide bikes into a 54” wide space behind my door I needed to stagger them on the wall. This also meant that the bike mounts would be mounted on drywall rather than studs, so I ended up using toggle bolts (3/16” worked well for the Delta Leonardo racks that I used). Here’s the result:

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